Picking Your Tech Stack As A Solo Founder

March 17, 2024

When you are trying to build a new product, selecting the best technologies to build your product with is one of the most important decision you have to make as a founder. In this post, we try to make the decision somewhat easier. 

The best tech stack

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. I will repeat what you might have read or heard from other fellow founders. The best tech for your next product is the one you know the best. It may not be the flashiest or latest tech out there. It may not be best tool for the job either but it is going to be your most productive, safest and fastest option.

You will be able to ship your product faster and get feedback as soon as possible. This is what matters when you are just starting up. I have chased the flashiest of options in the past to build products with but that resulted in delayed deadlines. So my advice would be to just use whatever technology you know the best to get started.

The Second best

If you are still reading, you might be interested in knowing what other options are available. So, my recommendation is to use the following stack.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language which is literally everywhere. It runs on mobile phones, servers, desktops, IOTs and more. You will be able to reuse most of the logic you are going to write as both backend and frontend can run JavaScript. 

Should you scale to more developers in future, finding affordable talent is easier as compared to other technologies.

2. Next.js

Nextjs is a web development full stack framework based on Nodejs (JavaScript). You can build both the backend and the frontend using Next.js. You can keep all your code under one roof by using Next.

3. React Native

If you want to build a mobile app which runs on both Android and iOS, React Native is a solid option as it is based on JavaScript. Using the same code base, you can export two apps i.e. an Android app and an iOS app. 

Since React Native uses JavaScript, you are not required to learn a new language. You can even share logic between your web apps and the mobile apps.

That's it for this post! I hope it might have helped you in getting some clarity.

Happy building!

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Rajat Saxena